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U.S. Air Traffic Data #Passengers Cargo (tons) U.S. Profits Load Factor Fuel Efficiency #Employees
2012 performance: 642.20M 22.35M 1,828.7M 82.80% 54.71 MPG 387,707
2011 performance: 638.25M 22.84M 1,440.6M 82.10% 51.88 MPG 385,967
2011-2012 Change +0.62% -2.15% +26.94% +0.70pp +5.45% +0.45%
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Official USDOT Figures | September '13

The data in this section is official traffic data from the U.S. Department of Transportation and includes all U.S. domestic commercial traffic + international traffic to and from the United States. This data is very useful due to its completeness, however, it has a lag of 3 months when it comes out.

U.S. Air Traffic Data 9/2013 9/2012 Change
Passengers (Total) 64.44M 63.95M +0.77%
Passengers (Domestic) 50.54M 50.13M +0.82%
Passengers (U.S. Carriers) 57.78M 57.23M +0.96%
Revenue Passenger Miles 92,891M 91,818M +1.17%
Available Seat Miles 113,330M 111,991M +1.20%
Passenger Load Factor 81.96% 81.99% -0.03pp
Freight (million tons) 1.78 1.84 -3.26%
Fuel Price per Gallon 3.05 3.18 -4.09%
U.S. Airline Employees* 380,165 386,372 -1.61%

*Employees at Passenger Airlines Only

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