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1. Aerospace Market Intelligence - AMI

We provide reports, presentations and related products and services to companies as well as government agencies and organizations. Our aerospace economic research capabilities are virtually unlimited. Examples of work we have done in the past: Product/industry-specific market reports (e.g. U.S. military tire market study), business opportunity analyses; commercial aircraft fuel efficiency reports; investment analyses; aerospace industry reviews, books, and reports; seminars and presentations; and much more. If you have an aerospace & defense research need, contact us and we will provide you with a quote. We employ highly skilled and experienced aerospace economists that have at least a Master's degree in economics and finance.

2. Aerospace Marketing and Promotion - AMP

Our premier aerospace & defense website AeroWeb has become the single source of up to date minute by minute data, research, commentary and financial statistics for hundreds of aerospace & defense companies, organizations, and government agencies worldwide. The AeroWeb has more than 30,000 visitors per month and is growing rapidly. The AeroWeb focuses on the following subjects: Aerospace & defense company information and financial performance data; Info about U.S. defense programs and weapon systems; Commercial air traffic stats and data; Defense spending data; Daily DoD contract awards; Aerospace employment and salaries; Aerospace exports & imports; Fuel prices and fuel efficiency; General aviation market data; and MRO information.

The AeroWeb is the basis for our column forecasting the direction of the industry in every issue of Aerospace Manufacturing Design magazine followed each month by over 12,000 aerospace manufacturing company executives. Barr Group Aerospace delivered the 2011/2012 Aerospace Manufacturing Forecast at the 2011 Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) meeting in Cleveland in October 2011. Our forecasts have been published for the U.S. Congress, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, the Defense Logistics Agency and U.S. Air Force Supply at the Pentagon.

3. Aerospace Business Education - ABE

We provide business education and training services for aerospace & defense companies. Our Aerospace Business Education (ABE) services are tailored uniquely to each client. We train employees at all levels to improve their understanding of the company's Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), mission, strategies, goals, financials and markets. Employees will learn exactly how they impact the company's performance. In increasingly competitive markets, it is of key importance that all employees understand the company's position, strategies and goals - to ensure that everyone moves in the same direction. Also, our aerospace & defense business education and training bridges the gap in economic understanding between workforce and management. Also, with our advanced IT and Webdesign capabilities, we can offer online training solutions.

Clients such as Raytheon, Goodyear, the DoD, Honeywell and Alcoa have used our business education training for employees at all levels as part of their strategic plans to change structure, products, or markets and avoid labor disputes. ABE uses education to replace confrontation with communications long before and not after contract negotiations. To date, over 100,000 employees have gone through our programs.

4. Aerospace Economic Development - AED

Our Analyses and forecasts have been the basis for recommendations to regional and city governments on strategies and plans to expand aerospace business in their area. Currently, over 3,000 acres of prime industrial land in Metro-Orlando is being developed under our program called LEAP (Leesburg Enterprise Aerospace Plan). At you can learn how you may be able to get not only major business incentives but land at little or no cost to expand your business here in the United States.

5. Aerospace Journal - JAAP

The Journal of Aviation and Aerospace Perspectives (JAAP) is a premier journal that brings together scholars from government, academia and industry to apply research to practical industrial solutions. The Board of Editors includes representatives from the Federal Reserve, companies like Lockheed Martin, as well as business and engineering faculty at major colleges and universities. More info is available here!

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