Rolls-Royce AE 2100 Turboprop

About the Rolls-Royce AE 2100:

The Rolls-Royce AE 2100 is a 4,000-shp class two-spool turboprop engine with a 14-stage high-pressure compressor driven by a two-stage high-pressure gas turbine. The low-pressure shaft is driven by a two-stage power turbine and drives the compound planetary reduction gearbox connected to the propeller. The engine is the first to use dual FADECs (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) to control both engine and propeller.

The AE 2100 is a turboprop derivative of the AE 1107C-Liberty turboshaft engine. It has been developed to power military transports, long-range maritime patrol aircraft and the new generation of high-speed regional aircraft in the 50 to 70 seat category. The engine's modular design and easily accessible components reduce maintenance costs, and operators benefit from over 80% parts commonality with the AE family of engines which includes the AE 3007 and AE 1107C-Liberty.

The AE 2100-D3 engine is coupled to a six-bladed Dowty (GE Aviation Systems)) R391 propeller system for use on the Lockheed Martin C-130J Hercules Family (C-130J + C-130J-30 + HC/MC-130J + KC-130J + AC-130J) of military transport and aerial refueling aircraft.

The AE 2100D2 powers the Alenia C-27J Spartan medium airlifter, which is an upgrade of the G.222 aircraft. The AE 2100J powers the Japanese ShinMaywa US-2 military search and rescue aircraft, while the AE 2100A variant powers the Saab 2000 commercial turboprop aircraft. The Saab 2000 ERIEYE AEW&C is powered by the AE 2100P. In total, more than 1,300 AE 2100 engines have been delivered and over 3.5 million flying hours accumulated to date with both military and civil operators.

Current AE 2100 military customers include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, Japan, Denmark, Greece, Bulgaria and Pakistan.

On February 12, 2014, Rolls-Royce and Lockheed Martin announced an agreement worth up to $1 billion under which Rolls-Royce will deliver 600 engines to power future C-130J aircraft. The agreement secures the Rolls-Royce AE 2100 as the engine of choice for all variants of the C-130J out to 2025.

Source: U.S. Department of Defense (DoD), Rolls-Royce plc,
and Lockheed Martin Corp.

Engine Type:

Two Spool Turboprop Engine


C-27J Spartan JCA; C-130J Hercules;
ShinMaywa US-2 ; Saab 2000


In Production


Rolls-Royce plc

Price/Unit Cost:

$3.10 million (in 2014)

Rolls-Royce AE 2100 Turboprop Engine

Last Update: August 18, 2015.

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Engine Specifications: Rolls-Royce AE 2100

Manufacturer: Rolls-Royce plc
AE 2100 A/P: 4,152 shp (3,096 kW)
AE 2100D2 and AE 2100D3: 4,637 shp (3,458 kW)
AE 2100J: 4,591 shp (3,423 kW)
Overall Pressure Ratio at Maximum Power: 16.6
Compressor: Two-spool, axial flow
Compressor Stages: 14 HP
Turbine: 2 HP + 2 PT
Engine Control: Dual FADEC
Combustor Type: Annular
Length: AE 2100D2 and AE 2100P: 118 in (2.99 m);
AE 2100D3: 124 in (3.15 m); AE 2100J: 114 in (2.89 m)
Diameter: 28.7 in (72.9 cm)
Dry Weight: AE 2100D2: 1,727 lbs (783 kg); AE 2100D3: 1,925 lbs (873 kg);
AE 2100J: 1,640 lbs (744 kg); AE 2100P: 1,610 lbs (730 kg)
AE 2100A: Saab 2000 (commercial)
AE 2100 D2/D2A: C-27J Spartan
AE 2100D3: C-130J Hercules
AE 2100J: ShinMaywa US-2
AE 2100P: Saab 2000 ERIEYE AEW&C
Price/Unit Cost: AE 2100D3: $3.10 million (in 2014)
First Run: Unknown
First Flight: Unknown

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